Over the Years


Our Stallions

Classic's Shogun

EWF Blue Skies Forever

Up 'til Midnight

Our Mares


In support of our decision to transition from being riders and admirers of the Mountain Horse breeds to becoming serious breeders, we purchased a beautiful 10 year old red chocolate roan stallion in 2012.

His name is Classic's Shogun and he has become the foundation for our little herd of Mountain Horses here at Wandering Trail Farm.

In 2014 two young stallions joined our breeding program. Their names are: 
Up 'til Midnight and EWF Blue Skies Forever. Their genetics differ from Classic's Shogun thus offering additional breeding possibilities.

Wandering Trail Farm is currently offering offspring from our stallions for sale only.

Our Mares

We have several outstanding KMSHA and RMHA certified to breed mares, plus a number of up and coming younger fillies as well.

For Sale

At this time we have one 2 year old gelding, plus one weanling colt currently available for sale. In 2015 we are expecting 4 foals. These will be for sale. Please see the FOR SALE page for more information, or send us an email.

Basic Philosophy about Roans

Wandering Trail Farm, first and foremost, aims to produce sensible, useable horses.

While color is certainly a factor, it is not our sole focus. We chose to breed for roan because we love roans, and the way they vary with the seasons.

The roan gene is found throughout the Mountain Horse genetics, and we searched for horses that exhibit the characteristics we value.

That said, we don't only have roan horses: roan is just our preference. We look forward to producing intelligent, attractive, working horses.

Color Calculator

A helpful link for determining offspring color coat is the color calculator: