Our Team

About Alexis

Bryan and I were both raised in farm families on mixed farms. Horses were a part of the daily rural lifestyle, and for me especially, this fostered a very early horse habit. Red Deer Pony Club was based only a few miles from where I lived. New members could join at 6 years of age, and this is when I began to ride with the other youth in the community down the ditch of Highway 2 en route to Pony Club along the well-worn path. Older kids in the community watched out for the younger ones, and the Wednesday evening mounted meetings were a highlight throughout my childhood. There were many years of riding down this path along the highway, and numerous trusted equine mounts delivered me safely to and from Pony Club. I have always been proud to be a part of the Red Deer and area equestrian community.

During my years in Pony Club I had the opportunity to compete in many disciplines all involving horses. I was a busy girl competing in Prince Phillip Games (similar to gymkhana), Tetrathalon (four events including swimming, riding, running and shooting a hand gun), Three Day Eventing, Stadium Jumping and Dressage. Our instructors challenged us with additional exercises in the mounted meetings. During the winter months we attended meetings every second week where we studied our Pony Club manuals and prepared for the yearly Quiz.These were very good years! Best of all I made many lasting friendships and gained a very good foundation of horse experience.

Following Pony Club I rode jumpers for a few years at Lazy A Stable near Penhold under the tutelage of Chris Brand. This was an excellent experience and I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in the pure jumping environment. Fast and high is my thing!

By the time I was 20 years old I was part of the way through a Bachelor's Degree and my father said, "well kid, it's time to choose between the horses and University." I said, "horses", Dad said, "University." Competing with horses requires a substantial supply of capital and Dad was that supply. At this time the horses reluctantly became secondary to University, but I was never without a horse. I eventually completed 3 University degrees: a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, a Master of Arts degree in Educational Policy and Administrative Studies, and a PhD in Educational Research.

I knew I had found the right guy when I got to know Bryan. He was a farm boy with many fine attributes, but best of all he liked HORSES! We were first introduced to the gaited Mountain Horses in 1995 when we followed a friend to view a Rocky Mountain Horse stallion. We were most impressed, and thereafter began our admiration and eventual collection of Rocky Mountain Horses and Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses. Our first Rocky Mountain Horse, a yearling filly, arrived from Kentucky in October of 1996.

Until a few years ago, family obligations prevented us from pursuing more than enjoying a few personal horses for trail riding. Bryan and I then began to buy quality horses from a number of reputable breeders across the United States. We have built a fine herd of horses with a broad section of blood lines.

Below are some images reflecting my equine background. I recall my first "big" horse (a chestnut colored Thoroughbred Gelding shown near bottom). And I remember my Mom's influence (first image left side holding my Hanoverian gelding "The Iron Duke").  She was a very big part of the reason I was able to pursue horses.  She pulled the horse trailer to competitions across a few provinces, volunteered at Pony Club and was a willing supporter in every way.  She said that horses kept me out of trouble ;) 


About Bryan

My horse experience has centered around trail riding, packing, and outfitting with horses. My Dad was part of a group that called themselves the Dirty Dozen, and they went on a 10 day pack trip in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta every summer. I went on one of these trips and was hooked for life. I traded a stereo for a black QH cross gelding (whom I named Blackie) and we put a lot of miles on extended pack trips through Banff National Park and the Clearwater Forest areas of Alberta.

My next step was working as a professional guide in the Mackenzie Mountains of the North West Territories for Ramhead Outfitters. I would leave in June and return in October and did this for seven years. This was a very exciting time, and the knowledge I gained was priceless. You have to be on top of your game up there. Most clients had little to no horse experience and you never knew what critter you might come face to face with. My main horse in the NWT was a Belgium QH cross named Gerry. Once we got to know each other we were a team. Riding Gerry was like flying a jet on auto pilot. I could trust my life with him.

Now it’s time to get my family, and a pack string of Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses or Rocky Mountain Horses, out in the back country.

With the temperament of these horses it will be a win win situation.