Our Horses

  STALLION - Classic's Shogun

We are very proud owners of this fabulous horse. He is Kentucky bred, and was purchased from Classic Farm at Georgetown, Kentucky, in 2012.

He is double registered, certified to breed.

RMHA #2003009347 (Rocky Mountain Horse Association)
KMSHA #20021291 (Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association)
Anna's Rebel X Anna's Candy
15hh, born March 19, 2002
Color tested: EE, Aa, nZ

Shogun is as gentle-natured as he is handsome. 

In 2015, 2 colts sired by Shogun were born: a bay roan, and a smoky black that may roan (roaning can hide for awhile). Both colts are for sale.

Shogun is a 15hh, red chocolate roan, 13 year old stallion. He will produce roan offspring including blue roan, bay roan, and red chocolate roan.  Shogun carries a single copy of the roan gene, and therefore will throw 50% roan offspring.

Color testing showed he carries one copy of the silver dapple gene (nZ), one copy of the Agouti gene (Aa), and does not carry the red gene (EE) meaning he is black based and cannot produce red offspring.

STALLION - Up 'til Midnight

Midnight is both handsome and personable. We are very proud to have this young stallion on our farm. He is Kentucky bred, and was purchased from Classic Farm at Georgetown, Kentucky, in May of 2013.

Midnight was started under saddle by Alexis in the summer of 2014, and certified to breed in December. Starting this horse was very rewarding: he is well-gaited, intelligent, intuitive, and a lot of fun to ride. We will start breeding with him in 2015.
He is double registered, certified to breed.

KMSHA #201206020 (Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association)
RMHA #2012044737 (Rocky Mountain Horse Association)

Sonny's Silver Dollar  X  Dock's Dar-lynn

Born July 15, 2011
14.3hh and still growing

Color tested: E/E and Rr, or carrying only the black gene plus one copy of the Roan gene. He does not have any white markings.

He is a blue roan, and does not carry the silver dapple gene. What this means is he is safe to breed to silver and non silver carrying mares alike. Midnight's training is progressing and his gait is becoming very impressive.

STALLION - EWF Blue Skies Forever

In 2014 we purchased EWF Blue Skies Forever from Echo Wind Farm at Brooklyn, Wisconsin. Mike and Jamie Parker are good friends, and fellow Mountain Horse breeders and riders. In 2012 we bought a mare from them in foal to Sky. That mare, R Ranger Black Satin Ballou, had a spectacular filly that is a near twin to her sire. We have admired Sky since we first saw him, and now he is standing on our farm.

Sky is registered and certified to breed with both the Rocky Mountain Horse Association and the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association.
RMHA # 2011043847
KMSHA # 201407002

Venture's Black Majic X Kaylin

Blue roan, standing 15.1hh, born April 12, 2009

In 2015, 2 foals sired by Sky were born: a blue roan filly, and a bay roan colt. The colt is for sale.


Our mares and fillies are an extremely important part of our breeding program.

We consciously chose horses with varied genetics, body type, and colour.

They must exhibit what we view to be the standards of the breed: conformation, temperament, gait, and colour.

While our stallions each carry a single copy of the roan gene, most of our mares do not.

Therefore, we expect to have a very wide variety of colour and build in our offspring.

We believe in our horses, and the choices we have made in building breeding stock. 

All our horses are registered with the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association, and most are also registered with the Rocky Mountain Horse Association too.

A couple are registered with the Mountain Pleasure Association as well.

Foals and Young Horses
This gallery focuses on foals and the young horses not yet in training. We are very proud of our young horses.

NOTE!  We have 4 foals due in 2015 and they will be for sale.  Their pictures will be posted here. Please inquire if you would like to ask about one of the foals. Our first foal is due in June.

If you are looking for a horse please send us an email through the contact page.  Perhaps we will have what you are looking for.


GELDINGS & General Paraphernalia

It is easy to focus on the stallions, mares, and sweet youngsters, but that doesn't seem fair. So, the horses in this gallery are all registered Mountain Horses that we have on our farm, and include geldings plus additional pictures taken around the farm and out riding.