Our Farm


Up 'til Midnight: 4 year old blue roan stallion certified to breed with both the KMSHA and RMHA. Midnight is sired by the fabulous "Sonny's Silver Dollar", and his Dam is a superbly gaited mare sired by "Dock" named Dock's Dar-Lynn.

Trained and ridden by Alexis Soltice.

"Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions - they pass no criticisms."  George Eliot

We've been involved with the Rocky Mountain Horse and Kentucky Saddle Horse breeds since 1996! 

In October of 1996 we purchased our first Mountain Horse. Her name was Rio's Diamond Star, and she was a registered Rocky Mountain Horse.  Rio's Diamond Star (Wanda) got us started.

We were so proud of the beautiful little filly we named Wanda.
Wanda made a profound impression upon us and inspired what has become Wandering Trail Farm.

Left:  Wanda and Alexis, 1997



"Death ends a life, not a relationship" Morrie Schwartz

~~July 31, 1995 - September 27, 2012~~

Wanda taught us how spectacular the gaited Mountain Horse is. 

Today, Wandering Trail Farm is a vibrant ranch that is home to several first class Mountain Horses, all rich in personality and beauty. 

The differentiator in our breeding practices lies in our preference for the "roan" gene as a coat modifier (distribution of white hairs throughout the main coat of the horse).


Above: Wanda, January 2012.                                   

Other members of the Wandering Trail Farm family.