Wandering Trail Farm, located in Alberta, Canada, breeds, raises, and trains registered Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses and Rocky Mountain Horses. Our admiration for the naturally gaited Mountain Horses, native to the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, began in October of 1996 when our filly, Rio's Diamond Star, stepped off a trailer that had just arrived from Kentucky. This filly became known as Wanda, and she is the inspiration behind Wandering Trail Farm.

We have been riding gaited since Wanda joined our family, and have more recently begun breeding and offering horses available for sale. Through our breeding program we aspire to promote proven bloodlines, and produce foals that embody the breed standards: temperament, conformation, gait and colour. The Mountain Horse breeds are noted for their naturally smooth four beat gait, a kind disposition and willingness to please, as well as possessing true beauty exhibited through a variety of body colours and patterns. A long and thick mane and tail are common making for a truly beautiful equine partner on the trail or in the arena.

Our three fine stallions reflect our preference for the roan pattern. We enjoy watching the seasonal colour changes that roan horses display, and have an admiration for the unique effect roaning has on each horse. Classic's Shogun, Up 'Til Midnight, and EWF Blue Skies Forever carry some of the best gaited Mountain Horse genetics. We also have an excellent group of mares and upcoming fillies that compliment the genetics and characteristics of our stallions.

Our farm development program is focused not only on continually learning more about every aspect of our horses, and how to better ride and train, but also on fostering and maintaining contacts within the Mountain Horse community around the world. We enjoy building friendships across the miles, and communicating with others in the horse industry. Education is a life-long process! Alexis is an Examiner with the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association.